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When she was a little girl, Barbie wanted to be an astronaut when she grows up. Unfortunately she never accomplished her dream and she became a model instead. But Barbie never gave up, she has signed up to a space program and her application was accepted. She has worked and trained hard for this space mission. Now Barbie is going to space and she is so excited! You need to help her make the last preparations before her exciting journey into space. Let's not forget that Barbie is a model and a fashionista. She needs to look great even in space, so you will have to design her space suit. You will find different models and you must choose the perfect suit for Barbie. Barbie needs the space suit for when she lands on a planet. Her mission is to take samples and she will be the first person in the history stepping on this alien soil. Once her mission is done, Barbie has to place a flag before leaving. Help her decorate the flag by painting it and adding different stickers and tags.


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